How to Get Paid for your Skills

How to get paid for your skills (1)

Do you have more month at the end of your money? Do you want to learn how to get paid to do something you enjoy or are good at? Even if you love your job and growing your business it never hurts to make a little extra money on the side, does it? I'll give you a strategy that works if you work it.  

List all your skills

Write down any hobbies, interests, education, and all the responsibilities you have ever been paid for. Don't hold back, write down anything that comes to mind. Use the questions below to help you think. 

  • What have you been complimented for by your employers, family, friends, or associates?
  • What do you do, or want to do, with your free time or days off? 
  •  What is something you always wanted to learn?

Make a list of problems that need to be solved

The only reason anyone spends any money is that it solves a problem. That means people will pay you if you can solve a problem for them. So you must understand the problem. Consider your list of skills and figure out what problem these skills would solve for which people or businesses. Also, consider problems that are unrelated to your skills because while it may not be something you considered doing you may discover a new passion. 

Introduce yourself

Once you have identified the problems you can solve with your skills it's time to introduce yourself to the people or businesses with those problems. This is the part people are most afraid of because of the fear of rejection. You have to learn to overcome all objections and just do it. You also don't need to know everything to get started just to be honest. Remember, this is something you would like to do and you control how much pressure this will add to your life. Start off as quickly or slowly as you desire. 


Getting paid for your skills is relatively simple; not always easy but simple. If you solve a problem for someone with skills you enjoy using it is possible to make money immediately. If you are having a hard time with your list of skills or a list of problems then ask for help. Ask your friends and family, ask social media, or do a little google search. If there is anything I can do to help contact us today.  

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What do you think? Do you currently make side money utilizing one of your skills? Do you agree with my strategy for earning money with your skills? Do you know a better way? Leave me a comment below. 


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