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We consume valuable knowledge from credible books, courses, seminars, and mentors to create inclusive RESEARCH POSTS. From that, we help you create a BUSINESS MAP and provide trusted RECOMMENDATIONS of services that will help you reach your goals.

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We take the actionable knowledge we consume to the next level by providing you with DETAILED TACTICS ON PDFs, STRATEGY COURSES, and SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS. We also gather detailed information on your particular organization using FOCUS GROUPS.

Dedicated Assistance

We combine our knowledge, partners, and resources to help your organization directly with STRATEGIC ADVISING, SALES TRAINING, and CRISIS MANAGEMENT. We persist until you are on a steady path to your unique definition of success.



You have a fantastic idea; we can help bring it to life We are called to help you live your dream. Tyrone Bufkin Research…

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"Business is a team sport and I wouldn't be able to even get into the stadium without my team." -Tyrone

Tyrone Bufkin

Tyrone Bufkin

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Kelli Landry

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28 Jun

The Mind-blowing Business Process That Turns Your Business Into Your Investment

If you know Marcus Lemonis, you know how important people, products, and processes are. But what exactly is a process? How can you build an unstoppable strategy for your business?…
5 Jul

A Simple Guide To Quickly Creating A Million-Dollar-Business From Scratch

Grant Cardone presents an incredibly in-depth behind-the-scenes commentary on his thoughts, feelings, and actions while attempting to build a million-dollar business in 90 days, starting only with $100, a cell…
7 Jun

5 Steps For Making The Best Decisions Of Your Life

Once you start using Tony Robbin's simple decision-making steps, making good choices will get easier. If you have put off big decisions you know you need to make, this is…

How To Build A Million-Dollar Team

Grant reveals his team-building strategies, including how to earn trust and push a group of people to accomplish a huge goal.

If It Doesn’t Take Money To Become A Billionaire, What Does It Take?

Grant Cardone is determined to prove that the real asset a self-made billionaire has is the knowledge and experience of the journey.
19 Apr

Living Your Life In Reaction vs. By Design: What Makes You Fulfilled In Life?

Do you wake up with just enough time to get to work? Do you only do work your boss assigns you? Do you only go to the gym when you…

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