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Not every entrepreneaur runs thier own business. Maybe you like to innovate the company from an employee or excutive postion. Tyrone Bufkin wants to help you improve your skills, find the best comany for your talents, and make sure your future is financially stable.

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Start up

Do you have an business idea and are wondering what to do next? Maybe you have made a couple moves towards your vision but don't know how to conitinue? Tyrone Bufkin would love to help you narrow your focus on to your true passion, overcome any obstacles holding you back, and build your successful business.

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Small Business

Have you started a business but need help to solve a problem? Maybe you are doing ok but you are ready to take your business to the next level? Tyrone Bufkin wants to be or find the resources you need to success at the highest levels possible.

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Actionable Event Review of SCORE’s Small Business Success Virtual Conference: Idea to Execution

SCORE opened the small business virtual conference with SCORE mentor, start-up enthusiast, and the keynote speaker, Simon Mahler, giving a speech on Idea to Execution: How to Launch & Grow Your Small Business. I’ve committed to three tips to take action on and I hope you do the same. Validate your idea Seek out customer validation even if you…

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We are in the process of massive growth and persistently looking for the people dedicated to staying the best in their field with the abilitiy to help others while also being able to help themselves.