How to Improve Your Mindset!

How to Improve Your Mindset (1)

Are you in a mental funk or a bad mood? Is it affecting your ability to be productive? Improving your mindset can help you in every area of your life and lead you to success. I use multiple strategies to improve my mindset and here are the top three most effective strategies I use today. Hopefully, these strategies can help you as much as they have helped me.

Empower your perception

If your mindset is anything like mine it is affected by perception. When you fail at something, even something small, it is easy to believe that you are failing at everything. Failing invokes a negative mindset, a false view of your current circumstances and a belief in a bleak future that may not be real. But did you really fail that bad? Is it possible to turn things around? 

Tony Robbins spoke of a study comparing being an optimist to being a realist. The optimist assumes they did better than they really did but the realist is usually more accurate. As a result, the optimist is usually willing to try again and again while the realist will not try something that they think they will fail at. In the end, the optimist is always more successful than the realist. So empower your perception with an optimistic point of view and you will maintain a positive mindset.  

Be nice to your self-talk

Do you have a little voice in your head that is highly critical? Sometimes that little voice is helpful but most of the time it talks negatively about something you have done. This is called self-talk and you can learn to control it. In order to create a positive mindset, it is important to encourage positive self-talk. The best way to do that is to ask questions. More importantly, ask questions that require positive answers. What can I earn from this mistake? How will failing help me to succeed? If I wasn't in a bad mood what amazing exciting things could I be doing? Why not? Who could I benefit with the best of me? The questions are endless but keep asking them until you have such a positive mindset that nothing can tear you down. 

Surround yourself with role models

Have you ever tried not to laugh at your favorite comedian? Have you ever teared up when someone tells you a really sad story? Have you ever been to a big sporting event and it immediately made you excited? It is almost impossible to surround yourself with positive role models and maintain a negative mindset. Most people think of unapproachable people when they think of role models such as big successful business people, actors, and politicians but they can be anyone who has done what you want to do, inspires you to better yourself, or can help you learn and apply necessary life lessons. 

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The top three ways I improve my mindset is to define my perception, encourage positive self-talk, and hang out with people who pull me forward. I look at my life through optimistic glasses in order to retain the courage to keep trying to succeed. I control the voice in my head by asking questions with an encouraging answer. Finally, I make it a point to hang out with people who encourage me to think big and to chase my potential.

These strategies are built upon the ability to make a decision. You have to choose to improve your mindset because it will not just happen. 

What do you think? Are these strategies helpful to you? What do you do to improve your mindset? Why is a positive mindset even important? Leave me a comment below.  


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