Transform your business with deeper business relationships

Transform Your Business With Deeper Business Relationships

The deeper the relationship you have with your clients the stronger your business will become so how deep is your relationship? Do you know how to measure the relationship you have with your client? Do you know how your sales are directly related to your relationship with your clients? Learn how to transform your business by strengthening your business relationships.

It's all about you

You start and continue the relationship solely to fulfill your own needs. It is considered the traditional business relationship, the minute your needs aren't met then it's over. This is the idea that you can sell anything to anyone or ice to an Eskimo. These type of relationships requires you to continue making new relationships or the business will fail. A traditional timeshare company is a great example. Timeshare salesmen use the biggest, most flashy, and sketchy sales tactics to get people to sign an ironclad contract. They are usually not interested in a long term relationship and don't usually have repeat customers. Keep in mind companies that have relationships such as these can be successful they will just always need to create new relationships. 

It’s all about equality

An equality relationship is basically a quid pro quo. As long as a client fulfills your business needs then you will fulfill theirs. This level of relationship is more mature than the first and can maintain the relationship long term. However, there will be a limit to the depth and quality of the relationship. As soon as one party in the relationship is unreasonable or fail to meet the quid pro quo, even if it is only a perceived failure, they will end the relationship. A good example could be a law firm. A good lawyer has to care about their client's needs as long as that client is paying the retainer. The relationship will end as soon as the client's needs are fulfilled or the payment ends.

Your needs are my needs

The strongest relationship is one which you are completely committed to your client’s needs no matter what. This would be a business not focused on a product but on constantly finding a way to meet  client’s needs. Any business that can create this type of depth in their relationships with clients will have the ultimate advantage. Google is the first to come to mind when it comes to this level of relationship. Google’s mission since it’s incorporation in 1988 has been “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” and they have lived up to it. Google has provided more value to its clients than any other search engine and as a result, they are the biggest most popular search engine in the world.

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The three levels of relationships you can have with clients is a relationship all about you, a quid pro quo, or a commitment to your client's needs. If you want to transform your business the best thing to do is to provide more value to your clients than anyone else. Make their needs as important as yours and your business will achieve massive success. 

What do you think? What is your relationship level with your clients? How can you deepen your client relationships? Do you agree that the deeper your relationships with your clients the more successful your business will be?


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