Ted Turner; Has Brilliance, Billions, and Bipolar

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Do you believe a mental illness such as Bipolar holds you back from success? Do you think your definition of success is limited by the managing of your Bipolar disorder? You already know your bipolar disorder can be controlled by psychological counseling and medication but I believe you can still thrive regardless. American Broadcasting entrepreneur, philanthropist, and billionaire Ted Turner founded multiple TV stations including CNN, TBS, & the Cartoon Network, briefly owned MLB Atlanta Braves & NBA Atlanta Hawks, an major entertainment company, and is involved in several other enterprises all while managing his bipolar disorder.

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Ted was born with great resources for success such as a father who gained success in the billboard advertising industry and prominent schooling including Brown University. Unfortunately he wouldn't have these resources forever because his father committed suicide when he was 25 years old and he was kicked out of Brown before graduation because he had a girl in his dorm room. Ted Turner took over his father;s then failing business and surpassed his father's level of success. On the heals of his family business success Ted bought a struggling UHF television station and grew it into one of the first nationwide cable networks later renamed TBS or Turner Broadcasting System. Ted Turner didn't stop there, he went on to start the first successful 24 hour news channel known today as CNN. It was through his successful media companies that he purchased the two sports teams. I imagine that a lot of people would rest on the millions of dollars of success achieved so far, but not Ted Turner. He continued to invest in his talent and created the Cartoon Network, Turner Movie Classics, and New Line Cinema. Through out his career, Ted Turner, choose to give back among the way by donating billions to establish the United Nations Foundation, Nuclear Threat Imitative, and the Turner Foundation among other charitable organizations.

"The mind is just another muscle." - Ted Turner

(How) can you thrive with Bipolar

Based on everything Ted Turner has done he is easily one of the most successful businessmen in of all time and be managed his bipolar throughout all of it. I would imagine that it wasn't easy, but Ted has proven that it is possible. I believe that if you suffer from bipolar you can achieve the level of success that Ted Turner has if you are willing to adopt the habits necessary for success:

  • Tailor your treatment plan to your success. through trial and error figure out the combination of therapy, medication, and lifestyle that allows you to perform at your best on average.
  • Gather a support team. The top ten people you surround yourself with must know your condition, be honest with you about it, and be willing to help you further your goals.
  • Know your triggers. If you have dealt with bipolar disorder for a while then you probably can feel when the mania may be coming. Take the time an uncover things that may trigger it and things that help subdue it. Share your triggers with your friends and colleagues.
  • Hyper manage your schedule and lifestyle. You should develop a daily routine that maximizes a healthy diet, activity level, sleep time, and mindfulness. Pay close attention to your thoughts by keeping a journal or speaking often and honestly with those close to you.
  • Stay grateful. Continuously find things to be grateful about in your life. Some days this will be difficult to do but the more you can live in gratitude the closer you are to your success.
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"You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.– Ted Turner

Find your inspiration and move forward

I am not a doctor but I do have a loved one who manages a  bipolar disorder. I loved researching Ted Turner to uncover proof that anyone can thrive regardless of mental illness. I have no illusions that it would be easy but if Ted Turner can create over a dozen multi-million dollar companies so can you if you want to. Always remember that it is up to you to define your level of success. Regardless of any mental disability, I believe you have a bright future.

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What do you think? What action did Ted Turner's story inspire you to take? What was your favorite part of his story? What question would you like to ask him? If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me, feel free to contact me; tyrone@tyronebufkin.com or leave a comment below. Hope to hear from you soon!

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