Pouring the Foundation; Oct 14th, 2019 Report

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They say fixing a business while its operational is like trying to replace a flat tire while the car is moving. Well, I take to take that to mean that I need to stop or slow down operations while I do some repairs. I became to be a full-time entrepreneur, for the third time, in early 2019 and I will share with you my most current life and business report where I'm transparent about the progress made or lack thereof. As of July 9th, 2139, I will be in union with Love and through obedience to God's will continue to be sent to assist the fruition His gift of passion in your life or business. As you follow my journey I hope you learn from my failure, share in my success, and hold me accountable to my stated goals. let's look at this week's update! 

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What is my next milestone goal?

[Bufkin Family - Milestone 1: Survival] - By January 1st, 2020 (10 weeks), Through the grace of God I have habituated the continued education and massive action necessary to be a practicing & prayerful Catholic, an attentive husband by my wife's standards, and a committed full-time income-producing entrepreneur consistently producing at least $4,000 per month in personal income.

• 45.5 - 59.5 hours of bedtime rituals & sleep [122.5 - 108.5 hours remaining]
• 7.5 hours of morning rituals [115 - 101 hours remaining]
• 14 hours of spiritual, relationship, and personal time (Sunday) [101 - 87 hours remaining]
• 8 hours of focused continuing education [93 - 79 hours remaining]
• 6 hours of weekly accounting, planning, & scheduling [87 - 73 hours remaining]
• 50 hours of income-producing activity [37 - 23 hours remaining]

Progress & failure made this past week

Quarter 4: 2019 [Week of October 14th, 2019] 

[Bufkin Family] I was off schedule most of the week but I was able to complete tasks on my schedule.  I was sidetracked by building and fixing internal systems needed for the new hires and fighting off a sinus infection which required me to sleep longer than usual. I was able to complete my study on prayer but I haven't applied the nightly examen given to me by my spiritual advisor yet. Being home more this week allowed me to spend more time with Kayla like I wanted to. I completed all income-producing activity scheduled for this week but haven't had the time I would like to work on foundation building.

  • (On Hold) Complete and put into action a Business Model Canvas for Tyrone Bufkin Enterprises including setting the first milestone for the business.
  • (On Hold) Uncover a TBE minimum viable product that can immediately generate at least $3,000 per month.
  • (In Progress) Complete and put into action a Business Model Canvas for Positive Party DJs including setting the first milestone for the business.
  • (In Progress) Schedule interviews for all available positions.
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Outcome goals for this week

Quarter 4: 2019 [Week of October 21st, 2019] 

[Bufkin Family] Now that my health is better I will to follow my schedule more closely and continue to develop effective habits for my life and business success. This will be the first week to apply Lectio Divina to my daily prayer time and I'm eager to improve my relationship with God. This week I will build upon on the quality time I set aside with Kayla. This week I will be focused on completing the business model canvas for Positive Party DJs and continuing the employment search.

  • Complete and put into action a Business Model Canvas for Positive Party DJs including setting the first milestone for the business.
  • Schedule interviews for all available positions.
  • Complete the Nightly Examen added to my daily bedtime rituals; Invite Kayla to join when possible.
  • Begin a daily Lectio Divina on the book of Mathew

What do you think? Do you have any helpful tips about my progress or lack thereof? What are some goals you are working on? What method do you use to stay motivated and successful?

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