Never lower your goals, adjust your strategy

Never lower your goals, adjust your strategy

Did you set a goal but you are not on track? Maybe you have even failed to reach yet another goal. You probably feel the pressure to set lower goals so you can reach them easier. DON'T DO THAT! Lowering your goals may be the thing that leads to ultimate failure. Never lower your goals, let me show you how to adjust your strategy.

Why shouldn't you lower your goal?

First of all, think back to when you set a goal and hit it easier than you thought you would. Were you overly excited? Did it make you feel good long term? What was the very next thing you did? Chances are it didn't make you excited long term and you immediately set a bigger goal. That is because excitement is found in the progress, not the goal. You shouldn't set low goals or lower your goals because progress gives you motivation. Secondly, didn't you set a big goal for a reason? Two months ago I set a goal to make $2,500 a month in dependable income without a traditional job. I set this goal because my family needs that much money to survive. Currently, I only earn about $1,000 a month in dependable income. Lowering this goal puts my family at risk, so even though I haven't reached this goal yet lowering it is not an option. Who will be negatively affected if you lower a goal you set?

When to pivot and when to persevere.

If you shouldn't lower a goal does that mean you should keep doing the same things over and over again until it works or is it time to try something new? The answer is found in whatever level of progress you have. If you are starting to see appropriate progress towards your goal then you should persevere or even raise your activity level. However, if you are not getting appropriate results then you have to figure out why and change it. My strategy to earn $2,500 a month was to Uber drive, start a blog, freelance my skills, and be an employee in my own businesses. I can depend on about $1,000 a month from these efforts; sometimes its more but it hasn't been less. This progress tells me that I am on the right track but something in my strategy needs to be improved so I can hit my goal. Use whatever progress you have, or lack of progress, to make a decision on whether you should pivot or persevere and by how much.

How to adjust your strategy

If you have come to the conclusion that you should make adjustments to your strategy remember to be strategic. If you change everything you are doing you could lose the momentum of the progress you have made. I suggest you take a scientific approach. Make small changes but keep everything else the same and pay attention to the effect. If you improve your progress then you are on the right track if not then return to the original strategy and change something else. For my goal of $2,500 a month, I am making a small pivot; instead of reaching out to any idea client for one transactional sale I will now target client whom will make multiple purchases a month. This change will only apply to the freelancing and Djing. I assume this will provide me with more income each month that I can depend on but we will see. 

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Never lower your goals because your power is in progress; not the goal. Small goals tend to leave you unfulfilled and ready to set a bigger goal. Also, consider how lowering your goals could negatively affect someone close to you. When you pursue bigger goals the progress you make along the way will be the guide to every pivot and adjustment you choose to make.  

What do you think? Have you considered lowering your goals? After reading this post have you reconsidered? Do you agree with me and my strategy?


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Tyrone Bufkin is the founder of Tyrone Bufkin Enterprises and a life and business strategist devoted to helping you develop your entrepreneurial spirt in your career, startup, or small business. Tyrone's teaching and coaching style is transparently honest and inspiring while delivering actionable knowledge.


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    The truth is, big goals take a long time to achieve. It doesn t happen overnight. And it often doesn t happen within the timeframe that we set. But it does happen as long as we don t relent to failure. No matter what you want out of life, you ll get there as long as you implement the right strategies at the right time, and stick it out long enough to see things through.

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