Tyrone Bufkin's mission is to wade into the massive amounts of information available to provide actionable knowledge & proven strategies to you, a dedicated entrepreneur, that you can implement immediately and begin to get real results. When Tyrone isn't hanging out with God or his family, he is spending his time, money, and energy on life & business education & experience that you should benefit from. 


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Would you like Tyrone Bufkin to inspire your guests into action at your next event? Email me at Tyrone@TyroneBufkin.com

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Tyrone Bufkin does not claim to be an expert in the small business sector, but rather a continuous student of learning and teaching. Tyrone shares knowledge gained from his education and experience with the sole purpose of inspiring people to take action toward success. Tyrone knows the best way to learn something is by doing, so he offers ongoing help to those brave enough to act on any strategies suggested for improvement. Tyrone's speaking style is inclusive, dynamic, and entertaining.