How to Create an Irresistible Offer

How To Create an irresistible offer

Are your sales dropping? Do you KNOW you have a great product or service but people aren't buying? Sometimes when your product isn't selling the problem may be the offer. Maybe you have not presented your target audience with an offer too irresistible to pass up. 

What is an Irresistible Offer?

An Irresistible Offer is something you present to the marketplace that your target audience really wants. Something that is so unbelievable that they just have to have it. Your offer is not a product but something unique that gets your target audience interested in your product; i.e. money back guarantee is not an irresistible offer because it is used so often. It can be a bundle of desired products, a special discount, a free relevant additional product or service, a reduction of risk, championing a cause, or something your target audience is extremely motivated by. 

The effect of an Irresistible Offer

Zappos irresistible offer since 1999 is free expedited shipping to allow women to order as many shoes as they want, try them on at home, and send back the pairs they don't want. Zappos doubled their sales every year since and today they dominate one-fifth of the online footwear market with 4 million customers and over a $1 billion in annual sales. 

A young and inexperienced realtor took advantage of a trash strike. Without telling anyone he personally paid to pick up trash in his community. When the homeowners found out they offered to pay him but he refused and told them that he loves this community and to think of him if you or anyone you know wants to buy or sell a home in the community. He owned 98% market share of his community for 5 years making him $1.1 million in commissions. 

Guidelines for creating your Irresistible Offer

  1. Know your target audience for a particular product or service.
    1. Brainstorm things your target audience would be interested in and pick a combination that would work.
  2. Address your target audience
    1. Tailor your offer directly to your target audience by naming them. 
  3. Implore them to urgently take the next step in your process.
    1. Use a call to action to get them to start down the sales process.
  4. Use feedback to adjust your irresistible offer until it works
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Having an irresistible offer will draw your target audience to your product or service with something so unbelievable that they will not pass it up. Once you have an effective offer you will be able to surpass your wildest sales goals. 

What do you think? Do you have an irresistible offer? Will this information help you create an effective offer? Do you think irresistible offers work?


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