Overcoming Distraction; Sept 16th, 2019 Progress Report

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Have you ever been distracted by a little success? Maybe you accomplished a small goal and since then you have done little else including advancing the small win you gained. Me too. I became to be a full-time entrepreneur, for the third time, in early 2019 and I will share with you my most current life and business report where I'm transparent about the progress made or lack there of. As of July 9th, 2139 (6,223 weeks), I will be in union with Love and through obedience to God's will, be sent to assist the fruition His gift of passion in your life or business. As you follow my journey I hope you learn from my failure, share in my success, and hold me accountable to my stated goals. let's look at this week's update! 

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What is my next milestone goal?

[Milestone 1: Survival] - By January 1st, 2020 (14 weeks), Through the grace of God I have habituated the continued education and massive action necessary to be a practicing & prayerful Catholic, an attentive husband by my wife's standards, and a committed full-time income-producing entrepreneur consistently producing at least $4,000 per month in personal income.
• 45.5 - 59.5 hours of bedtime rituals & sleep [122.5 - 108.5 hours remaining]
• 7.5 Hours of morning rituals [115 - 101 hours remaining]
• 14 hours of spiritual, relationship, and personal time (Sunday) [101 - 87 hours remaining]
• 8 hours of focused continuing education [93 - 79 hours remaining]
• 6 hours of weekly accounting, planning, & scheduling [87 - 73 hours remaining]
• 50 hours of income-producing activity [37 - 23 hours remaining]

Progress & failure made this past week

Quarter 3: 2019 [Week of September 16th, 2019] 

  • I booked a long awaited DJ residency at Fast Eddie's Lafayette! Of course I dropped everything else I was doing and focused on the small win hence the lack of posting as of late. Now I'm getting back on track. I realized I need to be prepared for success before I get it.
    • (Success in progress) I finally adjusted my schedule to allow for the success of the key Activities needed to accomplish my goal. I.e. my schedule is designed as if I have already accomplished my goal.
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Outcome goals for this week

Quarter 3: 2019 [Week of September 23th, 2019] 

  • Added wood to my passion everyday and manage my psychology
  • I followed the updated planned weekly schedule and identified the adjustments needed to habituate the massive action necessary to complete my current and then next milestone.
  • built a curriculum structure that allows for immediate and predicted needs.
  • Implemented a easy system for financial reporting.
  • Start interviewing candidates for Management positions in TBE, PPD, & SPI

What do you think? Do you have any helpful tips about my progress or lack thereof? What are some goals you are working on? What method do you use to stay motivated and successful?

Tyrone Bufkin is the founder of Tyrone Bufkin Enterprises and a life and business strategist devoted to helping you develop your entrepreneurial spirt in your career, startup, or small business. Tyrone's teaching and coaching style is transparently honest and inspiring while delivering actionable knowledge.


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